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Corner sofas

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Blake corner sofa

Blake corner sofa£6,420.00  -  £10,150.00

Vigo sofa and chaise

Vigo sofa and chaise£1,940.00  -  £4,970.00

Halifax corner sofa

Halifax corner sofa£1,095.00  -  £3,695.00

Meridian sofa with storage chaise

Meridian sofa with storage chaise£2,080.00  -  £4,280.00

Tulia sofa with storage chaise

Tulia sofa with storage chaise£2,510.00  -  £4,210.00

Donosti sofa

Donosti sofa£2,110.00  -  £4,820.00

Binari recliner sofa with chaise

Binari recliner sofa with chaise£2,840.00  -  £5,890.00

Emily sofa

Emily sofa£1,150.00  -  £1,895.00

Indico corner sofa

Indico corner sofa£1,455.00  -  £3,190.00

Firenze sofa with storage chaise

Firenze sofa with storage chaise£1,595.00  -  £3,950.00

Chiara sofa

Chiara sofa£1,400.00  -  £4,725.00

Isabel sofa with chaise

Isabel sofa with chaise£1,250.00  -  £3,775.00

Verona sofa

Verona sofa£2,390.00  -  £5,595.00

Milena sofa

Milena sofa£1,405.00  -  £3,735.00

Como sofa with chaise

Como sofa with chaise£1,325.00  -  £4,950.00

Doblo corner sofa

Doblo corner sofa£3,575.00  -  £4,995.00

Charles sofa and chaise

Charles sofa and chaise£1,095.00  -  £1,895.00

Page 1 of 1:    21 Items

Since 2002, we supply luxury, modern and designer sofas in London and throughout the UK. Visit our Sofa Showroom in Surrey or buy online.

A corner sofa is an important investment and we believe that design, comfort and quality are of paramount importance when choosing your next purchase. We offer luxury corner sofas in both leather and fabric. Corner sofas are synonymous with modern open plan living. We can offer many different sizes and configurations on each model. Most models can be ordered as U shape sofas, large corner sofas, open ended corner sofas or compact corner sofas with chaise longue. Large cinema room sofas with four, five seats or more, are possible in our modular sofa designs. We also offer a great range of mechanisms, which are particular to each design. Some of the options available include electric recliner sofas with electric headrests, electric recliner sofas with manually adjustable headrests, sofas with sliding seats, sofas with concealed storage, sofas with bed mechanism, etc,... Feel free to call us on 0203 6019876 to discuss your particular requirements.