Ceramic dining tables

Our ceramic range of modern dining tables features extremely hard-wearing surfaces that are scratch, stain, and heat-resistant. We offer a wide range of Porcelain Ceramic tops that will suit any colour scheme, style and design.

All of our dining tables are made-to-order so can be customised to suit your specifications. This includes tabletop size, base finish and top finish. For a full range of options, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us or visit our London showroom.

9 Items
SENECA ceramic dining table
£2,375.00  -  £5,250.00
Urban ceramic dining table
£1,980.00  -  £4,065.00
Xenon ceramic dining table
£1,995.00  -  £5,815.00
Boheme Oval Dining Table
£1,995.00  -  £3,495.00
Brooklyn extendable dining table
£1,115.00  -  £1,990.00
Link extendable dining table
£1,115.00  -  £1,990.00
Moon dining table
£1,175.00  -  £2,960.00
New York ceramic dining table
£2,565.00  -  £4,005.00
Victoria ceramic dining table
£2,700.00  -  £4,875.00
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